Month: September 2019

Safe haven for savers

Less known and yet very interesting for the average saver, the Good Lenders have offered good returns in recent years. While the performance of traditional investments disappoint and no longer attract, the Good Finance increasingly capture the savings of the French. What is Good Finance? Good Finance aims to acquire and manage rental property assets on…

Tips will help you keep your finances healthy

It is common to find people with a disastrous financial situation, and it is probably because, at the time, they did not receive the appropriate advice. That, coupled with the lack of information, causes many to make bad decisions and establish an inappropriate relationship with money. But calm, that this does not have to be…

Price increases lead to reduced value of debt and interest costs – Debt Consolidation

What the rise in prices means for interest costs can most easily be explained by first looking at savings. If you save USD 100 from one year to the next to seven percent interest, you will receive an income of USD 7 to defer the use of the money from today to next year.