Safe haven for savers

Less known and yet very interesting for the average saver, the Good Lenders have offered good returns in recent years. While the performance of traditional investments disappoint and no longer attract, the Good Finance increasingly capture the savings of the French.

What is Good Finance?


Good Finance aims to acquire and manage rental property assets on behalf of partners. The partners, mostly individuals, receive the operating income from the property management that the Good Finance bought with the money collected, deductions deducted.

This investment is preferred for three main reasons. First of all this product is based entirely on real estate , stone, safe haven for many investors. Second, the legal framework for Good Lenders is clearly established and well understood by savers. Lastly, this medium-to-long-term investment provides access to real estate investment starting from a few thousand euros, with a view to supplementing income for the future. To find your way around, there are simple and effective solutions, such as , which refers to investment companies and offers to compare offers and advise investors.

A solution that has the coast


Not surprisingly, the historically low rates of bank booklets and opaque stock market investments no longer charm French individuals looking for a safe and profitable investment for their savings. In comparison, the average return posted in 2016 is 4.63%! Result: last year, Good Finance, also known by the generic term “stone-paper”, collected a total of 5.25 billion euros, against 4.27 billion in 2015 and only 1.1 billion 10 years more early.

This craze nevertheless has a perverse effect . By collecting larger amounts each year, Good Lenders must reduce their profitability. Unless they diversify their investments, especially abroad, as in Germany, the Netherlands and Spain, the Good Finances will still see their performance plummet in the coming years.

A class of profitable investments with limited risk

A class of profitable investments with limited risk

Good Lenders, by the very nature of the investments they offer – real estate – are a reassuring product, especially since they offer exemplary profitability and a limited default rate.
Still little known to the general public, there are other tangible savings opportunities . For example, crowdlending, a participative loan for companies, directly supports the real economy by supporting projects proposed by ABCs / SMEs. With a profitability slightly higher than that announced by the Good Finance, Sean Cole displays an average rate of 7.59%! This innovative and participative savings product has already attracted 10,000 French individuals.